The Gradients Project

The Gradients Project was created to blend different creative platforms. Our philosophy is that nothing in life is black or white, but a gradient. We explore this concept through various intersections and collaborations between mediums including (not limited to) visual art, design, dance, film, music, architecture, food, computer science, and more.

The most recent Gradients Project that NY-based artist Kathy Lee (aka Yaeji) spearheaded has been the Gradients Mix series--a collection of 30 minute mixes that aurally translate a gradient of 2 colors. She has also been hosting Live Gradients shows in New York where each musical performer is assigned a color to interpret through their set.

"Hue was an audio-visual study for me. When I first decided to challenge myself and make multiple tracks that could sit under one theme to be an EP or album, I was stuck with the preconceived idea that it has to hold one consistent sound. That very quickly became limiting for me, so I decided to think of the songs as colors instead, flowing from one to the other like a gradient, to inspire my production. That is why my tracks are each named a color and they all connect to become one, long gradient." - Kathy Lee