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R Y A T (Christina McGeehan)


Ever evolving in music and art, RYAT comes from the land of meditative avant jazz improvisations, classical analyzing, hip-hop sampling culture, electronic beat-making, sound processing, multi-medium performance and visual experimentation. Currently residing in LA, RYAT is composing for film and dance, and produces conceptual albums. RYAT has been commissioned by the Annenberg Foundation for PIFA festival, and she has also collaborated with groups including Nadastrom, jazz artists like Taylor McFerrin and Mark Guiliana, as well as electronic innovators King Britt and Cinematic Orchestra. RYAT enjoys working with many different kinds of artists across all mediums to create futuristic sounds and visual experiences. 

For 2015, RYAT will be debuting a new orchestral piece written for the Echo Society's Bloom Event. RYAT will also be debuting a new interdisciplinary performance for her live show entitled “Alt Mode” at SummerStage August 19th, 2015 in Central Park. “Alt Mode” is a mixed media modern dance piece in collaboration with Director and Choreographer Kate Watson-Wallace that contains live music, 3-D mapping, interactive technology and members of the Fresh Cut Orchestra. 

RYAT has performed in Europe, Japan, the United States and Canada, and has shared stages with artists including Amon Tobin, Flying Lotus and Thom Yorke (with Modeselektar). She has been featured at Gilles Peterson Worldwide Showcase in Japan, Coachella, SXSW and venues such as the Brooklyn Hall of Music, The Echoplex, Fringe Arts Philadelphia, University of California at Irvine, and Temple University. RYAT’s compositions have been performed by the London Contemporary Choir and the Echo Society Chamber Orchestra, and she is currently scoring a film titled "Mercy." 


Alt Mode, as in: alternate modalities is a body of musical works written by the composer/producer, RYAT (Christina McGeehan), reconstructed into a performance that integrates dance, live electronic music, video mapping, interactive media and set design. Directed and choreographed by Watson-Wallace, and composed and designed by RYAT, the work asks questions about what it means to be a woman on stage, a radical female presence in a popular context and equity within the form. In this work, RYAT and Watson-Wallace continue to explore how we wear our identity, working with themes of doubleness, drag, the other, pleasure and melancholy as sources of power. We explore ecstatic states, state-shifting, and pleasure as revolution, as ways to propose new futures.

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