Artist Coaching


Whether you are a new musician looking to develop their practice, an established artist who is eager to take their work to a new level, or an entrepreneur seeking new ways to grow their music business, there is nothing more powerful than having a mentor to help you along your journey.

Dot's extensive background in music and personal development strategies have led her to work with Grammy Award-winning artists and creative professionals in honing their crafts, cultivating self-awareness, and mastering the level of discipline required for peak performance and expression. 

While her areas of expertise include music production in Ableton Live, music theory, composition/arrangement, songwriting, and vocal coaching, the scope of Dot's teaching extends far beyond the technical aspects of music creation or performance. The heart of her work is helping artists and entrepreneurs in the arts industries find clarity in their visions, understand their strengths and weaknesses, overcome their fears or insecurities, and produce work that fully expresses the artist's message and emotions.


What Artists are Saying:

“Working with Kate has been the single best investment into my career.” —Aaron R.

“Kate has a unique talent as a teacher -- not only is she massively skilled in Ableton, but she's not afraid to break down the concepts for you into super simple and clear language. I was impressed by how clear the teaching was, and how fun she made it. Her approach is unique in that she brings an inclusive, human element to music production -- you will feel like you are sitting with a friend while you get top-level information.” —Composer, San Francisco

“Kate is a dream to learn from; she’s walking this same pioneering path of artist and producer, and this course provides insight into her unique personal process of music making. The sonic challenges and reflection exercises Kate assigns make me dive deep into the wells of my being to find the purpose underlying every choice I make, sonically or otherwise. Creating music from this place of self-reflection and inquiry has yielded the best, most exploratory and intentional music beyond anything I could have imagined. I’m so proud of myself and the work I’ve created.” —Kelley K.

"Kate is a master of her craft and is truly passionate about helping people express themselves through music. Her step-by-step processes are comprehensive and easy to understand while providing insightful positive feedback. Learning from Kate has been a fun and challenging experience and I highly recommend any of her programs to anyone looking to tap into their creative self." —Alan M.

“Kate strengthened my endless love for music by showing me how to use my creativity without any boundaries, judgement, or fear. I found that I was surprising myself week after week with the tracks I was creating and checking off goals in such a short amount of time.” —Kaila V.

“I'm super happy with all the instruction I got from Kate — I feel like I got it at just the right time in my life. Realistically, I went from not thinking my music will ever be played outside my room to getting shows lined up for next year and a plan to do this full time. I think thats a really huge impact she’s made on my life.” —Gerald F.



Artist Coaching Packages:

  • SINGLE SESSIONS - 90 minutes online - $180

  • KICKSTART - three 60-minute sessions online - $320

  • BREAKTHROUGH - a three-month program of intensely focused work with Dot, including weekly 60-minute sessions (online or in-person depending on location), mid-week strategy meetings, customized assignments, written feedback on all work, and additional support by email or text during weekdays - $1950 in full or $675 per month

Space is limited -- email to set up a free consultation for your coaching experience and elevate your music this year.