Whether you are a new musician looking to develop their practice, an established artist who is eager to take their work to a new level, or an entrepreneur seeking new ways to grow their business, there is nothing more powerful than having a mentor to help you along your journey.

Dot's extensive background in the arts and personal development strategies have led her to work with award-winning artists and creative professionals in honing their crafts, cultivating self-awareness, and mastering the level of discipline required for peak performance and expression. 

While her areas of expertise include music production in Ableton Live, music theory, composition/arrangement, songwriting, and vocal coaching, the scope of Dot's teaching extends far beyond the technical aspects of music creation or performance. The heart of her work is helping artists and entrepreneurs in the creative industries clarify their visions, understand their strengths and weaknesses, overcome their fears or insecurities, and produce work that fully expresses the artist's message and emotions.



  • In-person sessions - $125 per hour (3 session minimum)
  • Online sessions: $100 per hour (3 session minimum)


How to apply: 

Send an email to dot@unspeakablerecs.com to schedule a free 30-minute consultation. Be sure to include your name, phone number, a link to your work (soundcloud or other streaming site preferred), and brief statement on why you make music.