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Warm and developed crackling beats. Atmospheric backdrops. Night-time noises that both soothe and provoke. This is the essence of Duktap.

Duktap (Amy Cherette) is a Michigan-born, San Francisco-based professional Audio Engineer. Armed with an acute producer's ear and the technical know-how to create compelling original tracks, Duktap's rise to prominence in the world of electronica can be attributed to her seamlessly mixed live DJ sets.

Known for their smoothness and vibrant echoes, Duktap's productions are both rigid and layered, allowing for a carefully curated emotional resonance and the seamless juxtaposition of organic and digital sounds.

Through her use of live sequencing, chopped and screwed vocals, haunting atmospheric pads, classic hip-hop drums, hypnotic bass lines and creative percussion, Duktap brings her productions to life during her live sets, packing dance floors and leaving her audience inspired by her fresh, unique approach to electronic music.

That approach is perhaps best conveyed in "Vertigo," Duktap's five-track EP released last July by Los Angeles-based Unspeakable Records. "Vertigo" received acclaim from both listeners and critics alike, with Sound Colour Vibration Blog dubbing its first single, "Found You," as "simply one of the most beautiful electronica tracks of the year."