Dot Takes Us "Higher Higher" With New Single [NEST HQ Premiere]

“This song was written, recorded, and produced in a little less than 24 hours in my tiny apartment in Valencia, Spain. Over the past two years, I downsized a lot of my physical belongings, and have been making music from a backpack-sized recording setup while traveling around the US, Canada, Europe, and North Africa. I wanted to challenge myself to make as much music as possible using as few resources as I could, trading a comfortable studio setup for freedom of location.

While this has posed a unique set of challenges (mainly around recording engineering and mixing), the experience it has given me has been life-changing. My hope is that this music inspires others to use whatever resources they have available to them to start building their dreams, and to actively create a better world to live in. Our greatest source of power doesn’t come from any fancy gear or technology — it comes from us. It comes from our resourcefulness. It comes from our ability to create and connect from a place of love instead of separation and fear.”