Stay In Your Power

Registration is now open for our 3-Day Financial Wellness Program for Independent Artists!

Despite it being such a taboo subject, financial stability plays a major role in an artist's creative life. Whether or not anyone likes to admit it, stress around money can have a huge impact on our work or career opportunities at any given moment.

While many artists have a goal to sustain themselves financially from their creations, few are given the support or education needed to efficiently manage income and expenses as freelancers and business owners. It's difficult to avoid signing that bad deal when you have student loans on your back. It's hard to muster up the strength to keep your creative rights, or even know your value as an artist when your bank account is giving you a contrasting message.

The mission of this program is to equip artists with a new set of tools and financial principles that will keep them in their creative power, allowing greater freedom of expression while operating from a stable financial base.


Program Outline

Day One

-Managing what you already have

-How to take an honest look at income and expenses

-Worksheet: calculate what you truly need to live on a monthly basis (both money and creative time)    

-Viewing money as a magnifier

-More money won’t solve all of your problems, it will just magnify them unless the underlying issues and patterns are addressed 

-Healing past money wounds and rewriting our personal stories around finances

-Worksheet: transforming old beliefs into new ones

Day Two

-How to appropriately assign dollar values to your time and creative work

-Diversifying your income sources

-Brainstorming session on new streams of revenue that use your unique set of skills

-Worksheet: create (or revise) a customized business plan

Day Three

-Long-term planning

 Your career is a marathon, not a sprint

Worksheet: define your financial freedom - calculating exactly what you need to never "work" again

-Budget management and better decision-making

Risk mitigation and checking your ego

-Savings and investment strategies that you can start (or revise) at any level of your career

Where to distribute your income, and best percentages to use

Quarterly tax estimates

Donations and charity work

-Worksheet: create (or revise) a customized 10-year plan for personal finances