Artist of the Month: Eve Matin


This month, we caught up with Peruvian-born and Valencia-based artist Eve Matin on her musical roots, upcoming performances, and life in Spain. Read the full interview below:

What is your earliest experience of music that you can remember?

My mom singing Persian melodies to my ears so I can sleep. 

Do you have a pre-show ritual?

Depends on where, what and for who am I gonna play. Sometimes the vibe of the crowd and venue makes you feel warm, welcome and some other times cold and incertitude. But anyways… Pray pray pray, trust and similes!! 

I some times have to put my hand on my heart, press my chest and tell my heart to slowdown please! 

The magic happens when the audience respond to the positive vibrations that we share with them. 

Music never fails if we are a pure instrument. 

In what ways is your sound influenced by the musical traditions of your home country or nationalities? Are there any particular elements that you seek to preserve or evolve through your music? 

Not always consciously, I grew up in Peru listening to Peruvian radio but in home I hear Persian and Arab music, which is my family tradition. All of those come naturally in who you are when you compose, is inevitable. 

I am more interested in preserve the instruments and some music lines that represent traditional music, the sounds and textures that native instruments bring are elemental for creations and inspiration, they communicate wisdom and meaningfulness.  


When do you feel most creative?

At 3 am fur sure!

Poetry books.

Sometimes right after I go to the Ballet or Symphony Orchestra.

And definitively when having significant conversations with friends, mostly accompanied with coffee or Chai.

If you could collaborate with any living artist, who would it be?

BJORK! She needs me, but she stills doesn’t know that.. haha 

And Anoushka Shankar definitively. 


You’re currently in grad school at Berklee College of Music in Valencia. What are some of your favorite things about life in Spain so far?

The people, the bicycle friendly, and the sense of community. 

What have you been listening to recently?

Mostly music from my friends in the Berklee program.

And tongs of Salsa, Peruvian Cumbia and Chicha!! 


Do you have any upcoming shows, releases, or recent projects you can tell us about?

This month I will be in Berklee events such as showcase and Discover-i, and also performing my compositions with acoustic ensamble for TedX in Valencia Oceanographic.