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Spring Equinox is almost here (or fall for you Southern hemisphere folks), and to celebrate the arrival of a new season, we’re taking 15% off all Unspeakable Records artist development programs from now until march 20th!

Learn up and link up with music makers from all over the world in Sonic Identity and Daily Loop. Creators of all styles, backgrounds, DAWs, genders, nationalities, and experience levels are welcome here -- the only thing that matters is your openness to try new creative techniques!

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Music Memory

Music Memory

It’s 3:28 AM on one of those restless nights, and your chattering mind doesn’t seem to care about the fact that you have to be awake in a few hours. Just as you finally begin to slip through the edges of consciousness into dreamland, BAM. You’re hit with an idea for the most epic song hook of all time (or at least of the past few weeks of writing attempts). Now you find yourself facing the age-old decision...